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Criteria for Nidan Grading

These are the criteria for Nidan and SKA Instructor

Minimum requirements

  • Instructor's permission
  • Minimum age 18 years old on day of grading
  • Shodan – 2 years (full). Total training 6 years on day of grading
  • Training twice a week minimum
  • Regular attendance at SKA open day and Kata/kumite courses
  • Strong commitment to your training, karate and SKA
  • Standard required - competent Shodan ready to progress to the next level

Pre assessment – Assessments will be carried out in the preceding months before the grading

  • Kihon Demonstration and explanation of five punches, five kicks, five strikes, five blocks and three stances
  • Kata As Shodan grading
  • Kata Bassai Sho, Kanku Sho, Chinte, Meikyo
  • Kata Tokui kata with main applications
  • Kumite As Shodan grading
  • Kumite Advanced Jiyu-ippon kumite (four of each level, left and right)

Teaching skills

  • One hour assessment of teaching in a class environment

Grading on the day

  • As per SKA syllabus book
  • 2016 - Dan Grading takes place on 12th November

2016 - Applications close on 29th March

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