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Kata: Heian Nidan

By admin - Posted on 26 January 2014


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The five Heian katas were created by Sensei Itosu, one of the two masters of Sensei Funakoshi, for teaching karate in Okinawan High Schools in 1905. Drawing mainly from the Kusanku and Passai katas, the name of the series was originally Pinan, and this is still how they are known in many styles of karate. In Shotokan, Sensei Funakoshi changed the names to the more Japanese sounding Heian, along with Kusanku which became Kanku Dai and Kanku Sho, and Passai which became Bassai Dai and Bassai Sho.

Heian Nidan introduces many more techniques for the student to learn. There is a lot of use made of back stance (kokutsu-dachi), both for shuto-uke blocks and in the blocking and countering sequences at the beginning. These are the first techniques that a student will learn which require simultaneous blocks and strikes with both hands. It's also important to work hard on the hip position for the gyaku (reverse) blocks and punches on the return leg of the kata.

Kicks are also introduced into katas for the first time, and when learning this ensure that your technique remains good - watch your foot position, and ensure that the kick is snapped back correctly.